Video Of Trump At Mar-a-Lago Re-Emerges, Shows POTUS Possibly Violating Ethics Laws

Who remembers when our only concerns about Trump were when he bragged about corruption?

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Here’s the thing. We’ve always known Trump was corrupt. We knew it when he rode down that golden escalator to announce his bid for the presidency. We knew it on the debate stage, and we knew it when he won the election and became the damn president of the United States.

The thing is, though, most people wouldn’t admit to being corrupt. If you were accused of being corrupt, you’d immediately remark, “Me? No! I’m not corrupt at all!”



When you’re Donald Trump, you really don’t give a fuck and you do whatever the hell you want. At least that becomes evident when you watch a video that was recorded when Trump was still President-elect.

The video was recorded at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club during a New Year’s Eve party. In front of 800 guests, Trump spoke highly of his business partner, Hussain Sajwani. Sajwani has built several Trump-branded golf courses. Sajwani is from Dubai and was in attendance at the party.

Although the Trump camp tried to claim no business was conducted, it’s really hard to imagine someone from Dubai came all the way to the United States for a New Year’s Eve party.

Really, think about it: Dubai is a beautiful place. Mar-a-Lago is a tacky shithole in Florida. Which would you want to go to? Dubai, duh.

Furthermore, Cristina Alesci commented on the video on The Situation Room:

That is not going to fly with ethics lawyers… Here’s why. They see it as Trump using his office to expand his existing business partnerships, and the implication there is Trump is enriching himself.”

Then again, when you compare this to the shit we’ve seen Trump pull since he took office, this seems like nothing. When you compare it further to the fact that our last president’s major scandal was wearing a tan suit, it’s depressing where America is now.

You can watch the video below.

Featured image via screen capture 

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Tori Smith