Witness Close To Trump Reveals Mueller Knows “Everything” About POTUS And Russia; We Are Near The End

This could shake up global politics permanently.

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If you thought the book from legendary Watergate journalist Bob Woodward spilled the beans on the Trump White House — if you were one of the millions who enjoyed watching Trump and his staff squirm uncomfortably for weeks as more and more preview information leaked from Woodward’s book, then watched it debut at number one on the New York Times‘ Best-Seller list — then buckle up, because Woodward’s old partner at the Washington Post has got a doozy for you.

Carl Bernstein, very much looking like the respected old newsman he’s been since the early 70’s when he and Woodward’s reporting brought down President Richard Nixon, sat down with CNN’s Brian Stelter yesterday and gave an interview that only a man with deep connections inside Washington, DC could give.

Stelter asked Bernstein for his take on the fact that Congressman Jerry Nadler publicly stated for the first time since the Democrats won back control of the House of Representatives — the chamber with the power to impeach a President — that the offenses already uncovered so far in the Mueller investigation seem to be impeachable.


But Carl wisely reminded him that there is something much more important than just impeachment on the table.

In fact, impeachment almost seems like it might let Donald Trump off too easy for what this nation has been put through in the last two years — he may even be praying that impeachment is all that happens to him.

Donald Trump, for the first time in his life, is cornered. As a businessman, he always could bully his way out of a corner, he always could buy his way out, cheat his way out. He is boxed in by Mueller, and the people around him know that he is.”

Bernstein detailed that Mueller’s leverage over Trump involves literally every aspect of the presidency, his family, his businesses, his organization, and the “massive obstruction of justice that is now demonstrable for all to see.”

Then he dropped a bombshell about someone — a primary, key witness in Mueller’s case — who had all the rest of the beans to spill. Stelter asked him, from his sources’ information, how much longer he thought the investigation might last — since America is beginning to suffer from probe fatigue:

His aides, including his legal team, are well aware that at least one of the principal witnesses who has been interviewed by Mueller, a major figure in this investigation, came out of being interviewed by Mueller and said ‘They know everything about Russia.’ Meaning all of the President’s … business dealings in Russia, as well as Russian figures trying to be in touch with the campaign.”

Then Bernstein pointed out something that the media seems to be largely missing: That all of the most important things America has now found out were lies during the entire investigation — lies told by Trump, his aides, his kids, his son-in-law, his lawyers, everyone — were all lies about Russia. Why lie so much about one particular thing unless there’s something more to it?

Watch the interview here:

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