Fox And Friends Hosts Trip Over Themselves Trying To Defend Trump, Accuse Obama Of Paying Of Mistresses

These 'reporters' should be fired!

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You can always tell how desperate Fox News is to make Donald Trump look good by the amount of far-fetched lying the network has to do.

As Trump has been bombarded with negative press coverage after Special Counsel Robert Mueller stated that he’d committed a felony and his Chief of Staff John Kelly is leaving the White House, things aren’t looking good for the Tweeter in Chief. In a pathetic attempt to make Trump somehow look less terrible, Fox & Friends did a segment earlier today stating that Trump shouldn’t go to jail for illegally paying two women hush money during his 2016 campaign — and Fox justified this by trying to say that former President Barack Obama “did the exact same thing.”

On the segment, conservative commentator Dan Bongino did his best to smear Obama’s name and convince America that it would be wrong for prosecutors to “throw the president in jail,” even though we all know that’s where he deserves to be. Bongino said:


Explain to me how this isn’t police state tactics. For what? For civil violations?”

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade was right along with him and whined:

Let’s drill down on it. There were two women coming forward that were going to say negative things about the president and relations. If you are running for office, whether it’s a bad business deal where you have a bitter partner, you want to make sure things are going the best you can to keep your eye on the ball.”

Kilmeade brought up that Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, had paid two women over $100,000 for their silence. Then, he brought Obama into it. He said:

That’s an election law violation. According to everybody’s stats, Barack Obama’s campaign spent nearly $2 million in violations of election law. They got a fine of $300,000. But you want to throw this president in jail about payments to women that they may or may not have known about!”

Bongino agreed:

What you just said is factually correct. The Barack Obama team was guilty of the exact same thing and was given a civil fine… But because its Barack Obama — you know, the annointed one — nothing happened.”

It should be noted that there is actually no evidence of Obama or his team paying any sort of hush money. Obama’s presidency, unlike Trump’s, went scandal-free and it’s ripping Republicans apart to know that a black man and his beautiful family were a far more honorable First Family than the Trumps. You can watch this insane segment below:

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