When Asked About Warsaw Uprising, Trump Responded With “The People Of Poland Like Me”

He's such an idiot.

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Donald Trump doesn’t know a whole lot about history, or math, or grammar. But one thing he’s certainly well educated on is himself. And if all else fails, which it often does, he just reverts to talking about the one thing he’s a know-it-all on.

During a recent press conference, Donald was forced to fall back on his favorite subject when one reporter put him on the spot with a question about the impending anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising — a major operation during World War II in which the Polish underground resistance, led by the Home Army, moved to liberate Warsaw from the Germans —  and the Trumpster pretty much didn’t know a damn thing about it.

So he did what he does best:


“Well, I have a lot of respect for Poland. And, as you know, the people of Poland like me, and I like them. And I’m going to be going to Poland fairly soon,” Donald responded, essentially proving that he knows jack shit about history or anything of the such and is only worried about what the Polish think of his hair and hands.

If your eyes are currently crossing at the stupidity of his response, don’t be alarmed. They’ll straighten up eventually, and you are certainly not alone. Twitter users had plenty to say about it as well:

If only a requirement for the presidency had been knowledge of world history, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

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