Trump Tells C-SPAN Host What A Typical Day At The White House Is Like For Him

Let's see how much of this you believe.

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When Donald Trump sits down to do an interview, you just never know what you’re going to get. If you’re from a network he considers adversarial, you may get Angry Trump, or if you’re from a newspaper, you may get Boastful and Pretentious Trump, or if you’re from Fox, you might be sitting with Angry, Boastful, Pretentious, Lying Trump.

Whichever version of him you’re in the company of, careful transcription is helpful for you in the editing process, but he’s going to say he said whatever he wishes he’d actually said during your interview, and his base is going to believe him. But for C-SPAN journalists, that might be a little jarring. All they DO is record facts all day.

That’s why the sit-down Trump did with Steve Scully, C-SPAN’s host of the morning call-in show Washington Journal is so interesting. Scully was treated to a wide array of Trump’s deflections and braggadocio, with the President even at one point referring to Twitter as his “only defense” against “unfair reporting.”


But then Scully asked Trump to describe a typical day for him in the White House, and he got some answers that were perhaps more honest than Trump even intended.

SCULLY: Approach this job and a day in the presidency here in the White House, walk us through that day.

TRUMP: Well, I stay up late, I like to read a lot, which is — some people don’t understand that, but I do read a lot, I also watch a lot…

SCULLY: A lot of Fox?

TRUMP: I watch a lot of Fox, I tend to not watch too much of CNN, because, I mean, I’ll… It’s just… It’s just such incorrect reporting. That’s why their ratings went down so low.”

So, certainly not surprising to see Mendacious Trump, lying about his reading habits and also how much CNN he watches — he actually went on to say how he’d be watching the debates on CNN so that people didn’t criticize him for not being curious as to who he’d be facing in 2020.

All of this, however, supports much of what has long been speculated about the President: That he takes some type of stimulant drugs and that he’s constantly tweeting to defend himself, using what he just heard on late night or early morning Fox News programming.

So no more guessing: Trump really IS the tweaker psychopath we all imagine, firing off defensive tweets in the middle of the night.

Watch the clip here:

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