WH Melts Down As Top Republicans Show Up Unannounced To Save Trump, Official Labels Them “Trespassers”

This is just crazy!!!

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The Republican Party is an absolute circus and has only gotten worse with every passing day that Donald Trump is in office. Top GOPers are now resorting to making fools of themselves due to their pathetic, ineffective attempts to save the party (and the country) from their moronic president.

This was recently proven last night, when top Republican Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) stopped by the White House unannounced in order to save the president from himself. The conservative politicians had stopped by for an impromptu meeting with Trump over his declaration of a national emergency to fund his racist border wall, knowing full well that he would be publicly humiliated the next day when when the Senate would vote on it. Predictably, the GOP-controlled Senate voted 59-41 to block Trump’s effort today, creating more embarrassment for Trump – but the President was already “irritated” by the meeting Graham and Cruz had tried to have with him the night before.

Politico reported what happened at the White House on Wednesday night:


That night, GOP Sens. Ted Cruz of Texas, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, and Ben Sasse of Nebraska arrived at the White House virtually unannounced but eager to discuss the impending vote and find a way for them to vote against the resolution. The senators, who gave little advance notice of their intention to drop in on the president, found him having dinner in the White House dining room.”

Things were equally humiliating for the Senators as well, as one Trump official in the West Wing complained that there were “trespassers” in the White House! Ouch!

Trump legislative affairs chief Shahira Knight weighed in on the meeting with colleagues, and said that their little intervention “probably did more harm than good” because they pissed Trump off.

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