Watch Trump Run Away After Reporter Confronts Him About CNN Lawsuit

Trump is such a coward!

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Donald Trump is more unhinged than ever and could barely face reporters at a recent gathering at the White House yesterday. In fact, Trump fled the room, unable to answer simple questions about things that were his own doing. He could barely make a cohesive sentence.

At a recent White House event in celebration of Diwali, Trump ran out of the room as the ceremony came to a close and a reporter asked the president about the fact that CNN was suing him because he stripped reporter Jim Acosta of his press credentials, banning the respectable journalist.

At the end of the video below, you’ll see Trump get asked about CNN’s lawsuit against him and Trump looked like he couldn’t get out of the room faster. All he said was, “We’ll be talking about” and made a frantic exit. Considering that Trump will stand all day and talk to reporters when it’s something that he thinks he can manipulate to work in his favor, Trump is clearly nervous about how bad he looks right now.


Trump’s behavior, and the fact that the Trump administration can’t keep its stories straight about why Acosta was banned, are signs that the president didn’t think he’d get so much criticism for punishing a member of the free press – but they are getting a lesson about that now. If Trump thought that banning Acosta was going to save him and keep him out of the hot seat at press events, he has another thing coming. Like everything else that Trump has done in his presidency, this backfired on him and he looks more pathetic than ever.

You can watch Trump act like a coward at the end of the video below:

We applaud all journalists keeping Trump accountable right now during this troubling time.

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