Mitch McConnell Just Tweeted A Photo That Will Make You Lose Your Mind

Did he seriously do this?!

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is making headlines again, and as usual it isn’t for anything he can be proud of. While this particular screwup doesn’t involve Donald Trump (for once), McConnell has proven that he doesn’t need Trump’s help to make a fool of himself.

Earlier today, McConnell decided to pose with five newly elected Republican Senators during a photo op in Washington, and the presence of a sixth person had everyone’s eyebrows raised. The sixth person, Florida Gov. Rick Scott, appeared beside the new Senators in a photo that McConnell described as “our six new Republican Senators.”


Scott had no business being there, as his U.S. Senate race against his opponent, Democrat Bill Nelson, is being recounted due to lawsuits and voter fraud accusations. McConnell said this about the photo, infuriating even more people:

Our six new Republican Senators allow us to continue our majority and we’ll be heading across the way shortly to elect the leadership team for the next two years.”

During the photo op, reporters were shouting questions at the governor, demanding a response about whether or not Scott would participate in orientation events for newly elected senators over the following days. Scott and his team have ignored those questions, as well as America’s right to know what is going on.

McConnell knew damn well that Scott didn’t belong in that photo, but this was his way of making a show of force after losing the House to Democrats earlier this month – something that both he and the president aren’t over yet. The Republican Party has never looked so pathetic and desperate, and they know they have something major to worry about in January.

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