Watch As Sexual Assault Survivor Approaches Mitch McConnell To Tell Him Her Story; His Response Is Spineless

This is absolutely despicable.

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There has never been any doubt that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is a craven, spineless coward. His entire party is full of cowards, but it’s never been quite as apparent as it is now, during the Kavanaugh debacle. From hiding in an elevator to hiding behind the fury of feigned outrage, the GOP’s acronym has gone from “Grand Old Party” to “Gross Old Perverts.”

But perhaps none is as shameless as old Mitch. He’s had no interest in the workings of democracy since Barack Obama was elected, and possibly even before then. Unfortunately for Mitch McConnell and the Republicans, however, democracy will often seek out politicians, rather than the other way around.

Center for Popular Democracy, or CPD, recently caught up with some politicians in an airport — notably, Senator McConnell — to talk about the accusations in the case of Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. It did not go well.


CPD’s Tracey Corder and an associate confronted the Senate Majority leader as he attempted to get out of the airport and to his waiting transportation outside. He adamantly refused to even acknowledge her existence as he walked as fast as his legs would take him through the baggage claim, up an escalator, and out the front doors of the airport.

As they followed him, and as he ignored them, he briefly paused to shake a man’s hand as he passed.

“We would like to know if you believe survivors,” Corder asked him. “Do you want the Republican Party to be the Party that is known for promoting rape and sexual assault?”

As they walked, McConnell’s assistants repeatedly pushed the women out of the way, telling them not to block the way — which they weren’t at any point.

The two women and the camera operator followed McConnell literally all the way to his car, and as the following video shows, it was a pretty uncomfortable 2 full minutes.

Nothing new for Mitch, however.

Featured image via screen capture

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