Watch Republican Jeff Flake Literally Hide In An Elevator After He’s Confronted By Assault Survivors

This is so pathetic — and exactly what I'd expect from a spineless Republican.

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Yesterday the internet was lit up with reports about how terrible the hearing for Brett Kavanaugh was going, as Trump’s Supreme Court pick got the third degree on the sexual assault allegations from multiple women.

It’s already clear that this is basically going to destroy any remaining hope that the Republican Party had for success in the November midterm elections. Donald Trump pretty much killed all chances, and Kavanaugh is the final nail in the GOP’s coffin. And yet, there are Republicans who still want to hurt the party even more.

Enter Senator Jeff Flake, who was originally undecided on Kavanaugh but is now saying that he would vote “Yes” for Kavanaugh’s confirmation.


It further proves that even when Republicans try to have some sort of backbone, they are still spineless and crumble whenever they are confronted about their terrible decisions. After Flake announced his support for Kavanaugh’s confirmation, he was confronted by several sexual assault survivors. And what did he do? He literally tried to hide in an elevator as they cornered him. This image is absolutely disgusting, disappointing, and should be burnt into your mind when you vote in November. Is this the kind of cowardly behavior you want to put in charge of Congress?

This video of numerous women confronting Flake shows that he is even more despicable than we thought:

Absolutely disgraceful. Americans must remember this during midterms — it’s time to take the country back from these misogynistic cowards.

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