Watch As Audience Member Throws Phone At Trump As He Walks Onstage

His speeches never fail to provide entertainment.

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Donald Trump delivered a speech at the National Rifle Association Convention today and honestly, it went about as hilariously as we could’ve expected. Not only did Donald got off on a ridiculous, unhinged diatribe against his own Department of Justice, but we also have plenty of other little aspects to laugh at, as well — his entrance being one of them.

As president Trump sauntered onto the stage this morning, before he’d even had a chance to open his mouth and let the stupid pour out, someone in the audience decided to do what we’ve all been dreaming of for a could of years now — they threw what appeared to be a cell phone at Donald Trump.

In video footage (because thank God there is video footage of this moment) you can see Trump strolling up to the stage with his usual air of arrogance and idiocy when someone chucks a cell phone in the president’s general direction.


Fortunately (unfortunately?), the phone missed the president by a pretty wide margin, landing on the other side of the stage somewhere. But, nevertheless, Donald’s confused expression was totally worth it.

According to reports, the phone-thrower was promptly taken into custody, no doubt satisfied with themselves that they at least made Trump make that awkward confused face.

That wasn’t the end of Trump’s laughability at the NRA Convention, though. Once he made it to the stage and began his speech, it seemed that the president had quite a bit of trouble reading off the teleprompter. As Donald was attempting to speak on his rejecting of an international arms trade between the US and the UK, he seemed to fumble with the words that he was supposed to be saying.

“This treaty threatened your…,” Trump stated before taking a long, awkward pause while squinting at the teleprompter. “Subjugate… and you know exactly what’s going on here, your rights.”

Any bets on how soon he blames his inability to read on the cell phone toss? You’re not fooling us, Donnie boy — we know that iPhone didn’t come anywhere near your face.

Featured image via screen capture

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