Washington Post Responds To Trump’s Attack Against Journalists, Says POTUS’ Insults Are “Unwarranted And Dangerous”

They're done being bullied by him.

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As we’re all aware, Trump launched what was probably his billionth attack against the media in this country this morning — this time aimed directly at two specific Washington Post reporters who penned an article outlining Trump’s less-than-fantastic summer of fuck-ups.

In his rage tweet, Donald went after reporters Philip Rucker and Ashley Parker, who co-wrote the WaPo article, “Trump’s lost summer: Aides claim victory, but others see incompetence and intolerance” — calling them “nasty” (one of his most favorite insults, especially for women) “lightweight reporters” and claiming that they shouldn’t be allowed back on White House property due to their “disgusting and fake” reporting.


While it’s certainly far from unusual for Trump to lob an all-out attack against any entity that dares to challenge or speak the truth about him, it seems that the Washington Post’s Executive Editor Marty Baron was having absolutely none of it this time.

Baron released a statement in response to Trump’s insults and attack, which was then tweeted out by Kris Coratti, the Post‘s vice president of communications.

“We stand fully behind them and their important work,” Baron’s statement read regarding the two reporters. “The president’s statement fits into a pattern of seeking to denigrate and intimidate the press.”

“It’s unwarranted and dangerous, and it represents a threat to a free press in this country.”

Trump’s tweet came on the heels of a Washington Examiner op-ed by his new Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham and deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley, in which they condemned the Post’s article, accusing them of failing to point out any of the president’s accomplishments.

“Our story prominently noted the White House’s list of accomplishments and quoted a White House spokesman at length,” Post director of communications, Shani George said in a responding statement. “It also reported the views of Republicans, both on the record and on background, some of whom are part of the administration and some who watch its performance from a distance. Readers can judge for themselves whether our account fairly represented a variety of perspectives on the President’s summer.”

Seems that this particular media outlet has had enough of Donald’s bullshit.

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