Trump Campaign Held Hispanic Outreach Event — Only Problem, No Hispanics There

Seriously?! Why even bother?

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Regardless of Trump’s attempts at making himself look like an ally of the Hispanic community, pretty much everything he does, from his behavior to his rhetoric to his policies, blatantly betrays that claim.

He’s literally executing mass ICE raids across the nation, separating legal asylum seekers from their family and children and the border, locking them in disgusting, inhumane cages for an indefinite amount of time, and his entire campaign has been built on the idea of a cruel wall to keep what he has deemed the undesirables out of our country.

Not to mention, the multiple cruel policies he’s attempted to implement in our country, including deporting even legal green card holders if they’re on assistance, trying to completely disassemble DACA, and attempting to send terminally ill children back to their home countries, and ultimately their deaths.


Seriously, he’s not nice to the Hispanic community.

But that doesn’t stop him from doing stupid shit in an attempt to make the public believe that he actually does have a shred of compassion for brown people — without having to actually show any compassion to a single brown person. Stupid shit like celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month by holding a Hispanic outreach event — with absolutely no Hispanic people.

The Daily Beast’s political editor, Sam Stein, managed to grab and post a screenshot of the announcement to Twitter — in which you can see that the panel discussion featured at the event only lists two guests: RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel, and press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, both of whom are white women. Like, super white.

The announcement also advertises the attendance of “local stakeholders.”

Donald wants the Hispanic folks to vote for him next year, but he can’t even seem to put an event together, one meant to celebrate them, that features even one single Hispanic person?

Get the fuck outta here with that.

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery

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