Wall Street Journal Just Gave Trump A Brutal Midterm Reality Check About His “Red Wave”

This is going to crush Trump — America now knows how the GOP is REALLY doing.

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If you looked at Donald Trump’s tweets lately and weren’t aware that the president is a pathological liar, you might actually believe that the Republican Party is going to crush the midterm elections. Trump has been hitting the campaign trail hard for desperate GOP candidates and regularly posting Twitter rants about his so-called “Red wave” and congratulating Republican candidates for all the “winning” they’re doing several times per day.

This is exactly how Trump got his supporters to buy all his bullsh*t the first time around — by drowning them in so many lies they didn’t have the ability to figure out the truth. Fortunately, America’s free press is now working overtime to keep Trump’s constituents informed about what’s really going on. This morning, the Wall Street Journal‘s editorial board gave Trump and his supporters a brutal reality check about the “red wave” — and it’s not looking good!

The WSJ reported that while Trump is bragging and misleading everyone, the GOP is actually looking at huge losses thanks to Trump’s unpopularity and disastrous policies. The WSJ reported:


Republicans on present trend are poised in November to lose their majority in the House of Representatives and a slew of governorships. That’s the clear message from Tuesday’s election contests and a growing body of evidence. The President’s persona is trumping positive policy results among voters, and without some intervening news or a change in strategy the result is likely to be a national left turn.”

WSJ’s editors explained that the GOP barely scraped by in an Ohio special election, which is a major warning sign for GOPers trying to get both houses of Congress. Stating that Dems will only need 23 additional seats to retake the House, the WSJ wrote:

The ominous news for Republicans is that they hold about 68 House seats that are less Republican than this Ohio district. Most include stretches of suburbia that have been GOP strongholds but where many voters dislike Mr. Trump’s abrasive style and polarizing governance.”

And while Trump will likely blame any loss on everyone else but himself, the WSJ was clear that the Republican Party’s biggest reason for losing will be Trump.

Tuesday’s results cast doubt on the current White House strategy to make the election a referendum on Donald J. Trump. His omnipresence also motivates Democrats, while it may de-motivate soft Republicans and independents who dislike Mr. Trump.

They aren’t impressed by Mr. Trump’s name-calling, his brawls with the media or taunts of LeBron James. They don’t like the debacle of family separations driven by immigration-enforcement obsessives inside the White House.”

The editors closed with a major warning to Republicans, who are going to pay for letting Trump run rampant:

Our sense is that Republican voters haven’t recognized how much jeopardy the party is in. Many are content to listen only to their safe media spaces that repeat illusions about a ‘red wave’ and invoke 2016 when the media said Mr. Trump couldn’t win.”

Trump hasn’t responded to this editorial on Twitter yet, but we all know he is going to. You can read the entire scathing editorial here.

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