NFL’s Greatest Quarterback Sends Message To Athletes About Trump, POTUS Triggered

We all know that Trump cannot handle this kind of statement.

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Donald Trump has done his best during his presidency to keep minorities down at all costs. One of the most disgusting ways he has done this is through attacks on African American athletes, from NFL players like Colin Kaepernick who have peacefully protested racial injustice to NBA athletes like LeBron James who Trump can’t stand to see succeed.

One athlete, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, has just spoken up and sent a stunning message to athletes in an attempt to drown Trump out. In an interview with, Rodgers gave his fellow athletes advice on how to ignore the president. Rodgers said:

I think that the more that we give credence to stuff like that, the more it’s gonna live on. I think if we can learn to ignore or not respond to stuff like that — if we can — it takes away the power of statements like that.”

Rodgers also brought up the fact that Trump had most recently trashed James in a tweet after the basketball star opened up a school for at-risk youth. Rodgers said James’ decision was “absolutely beautiful” and encouraged everyone not to pay attention to Trump’s idiotic tweets.


At a time where he’s putting on display his school, which is changing lives, there’s no need. Because you’re just giving attention to that (tweet), that’s what they want. So just don’t respond.”

Rodgers made it perfectly clear during this interview that he was in full support of the national anthem protests done by NFL players, which has earned them Trump’s ridicule. He said:

I don’t know how many times we can say, as a player and as a group, how much we love and support and appreciate the troops, and the opportunities this country allows us. But this is about equality and something bigger than ourselves, and bringing people together, and love and connectedness and equality and social justice, and putting a light on people who deserve to have the attention for their causes and their difficult situations that they’re in.

You know, people have their opinion — you shouldn’t do it during the anthem, you shouldn’t do it during this — that’s fine. But let’s not take away from what the real issue is.”

Exactly. Trump is definitely going to be thrown off by the fact that a well-known, well-respected white person is actually standing up to him. Trump likely believes that all white people are racist like him, and that’s what his fanbase has caused him to believe. Trump loves attacking athletes who disagree with him, but does he have the guts to attack a white one?

The real reason Rodgers’ message is going to kill Trump is that Rodgers is calling for people to do the very thing that Trump fears most — ignore him. We know that Trump is desperate for attention and approval — I mean, how many times has Trump lied about everything from his crowd sizes to his campaign promises just so he could get some praise? He’ll even fly off the handle on Twitter for attention, even when he knows he’s wrong and offensive. He just needs people to talk about him as much as he loves talking about himself. Being ignored and watching the world carry on without him is his worst nightmare, and Rodgers went there.

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