VP Mike Pence Just Got Thrown Under The Bus For Mike Flynn, And There’s Evidence This Time

Now the Vice President is in just as much trouble as his boss.

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Lately it seems that Vice President Mike Pence has faded into the background thanks to the antics of Donald Trump and his idiotic son, Trump Jr., in the Russia investigation. However, a new piece of information has just come out that is going to thrust Pence into the spotlight again.

Scott Dworkin, co-founder of the Democratic Coalition, was on MSNBC earlier today and dropped a major truth bomb on the Trump administration over former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn. According to Dworkin, Pence definitely knew that about Flynn’s Turkish lobbying work despite the VP’s continuous denial. Dworkin took the opportunity to call Pence out – and state that there was direct evidence to blow up Pence’s lies. Dworkin said:

Flynn should be stripped of his military title. He should also be in jail right now. Obviously indicted and anybody who helped cover it up, anybody who helped push him through, they should be just as culpable as well. And I guarantee that there’s gonna be a paper trail and an electronic trail leading back to at least Mike Pence, if not Trump himself. It really is nonsense to think that Trump and Pence are not close with their NSA. I think that there’s no way that Mike Pence didn’t know, he is too hands on of a guy. He was leading the transition team himself. And I think Trump put him in a position where he was set up so that he can take the fall now, and I think that’s what’s gonna happen is it’s gonna come out and hopefully it’s very clear that Pence has the long background with Manafort. I think that as the ties come out, Pence is gonna be thrown under the bus big time by Trump.”

On Twitter, Dworkin also pointed out that two paper trails have been discovered by himself and Rep. Cummings that could be used as evidence against Pence.


There’s a paper trail that proves Pence knew Flynn was a foreign agent” for Russia, they hired him anyways. “There’s no way that Mike Pence didn’t know. He’s too hands on of a guy.” Scott Dworkin (Rep. Cummings and I made two separate paper trails)”

This is incredibly bad news for not only Pence, but Trump as well. If Pence is found out, it’ll be extremely clear that the president used his VP to take the fall.

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