Trump’s Legal Team Just Incriminated Him Big Time, Suggest He’s Lying: “Nobody can be sure of anything”

It's almost like Trump's lawyers are secretly working for Robert Mueller!

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Of all the people that Donald Trump has been wrong about in hiring, he’s probably going to regret bringing Rudy Giuliani on as his lawyer the most.

Ever since the day Giuliani was hired by Trump to defend him, it’s been a nonstop sh*tshow for the president. Giuliani regularly mixes up his “facts,” can’t stick to the story, and releases incriminating information about his client — and he just did it again today.

In an interview that will probably make Trump banish Giuliani from all television appearances, the former NYC mayor went on CNN to speak with Alisyn Camerota this morning and screwed Trump over by suggesting the president was not trustworthy. When Camerota questioned Giuliani about how he knew his client was telling the truth about not having any knowledge of Donald Jr.’s 2016 Trump Tower meeting with the Russians, Giuliani’s response stunned everyone. Trump’s problematic lawyer said:


Nobody can be sure of anything.”

Giuliani then tried to argue that the claims by Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, were less believable because Trump’s son has denied telling his father about the meeting. Camerota cornered him again and asked if Trump had been using the same blocked number his son used to arrange that Trump Tower meeting. Giuliani was not convincing. He said:

I don’t know.”

Camerota was on a roll. Knowing how unhinged Giuliani could be, she then made him defend his own integrity by bringing up his past statements about Cohen. She said:

You had said, not two months ago, that Michael Cohen was an honest and honorable man. Now you’re saying he’s a pathological liar.”

As expected, Giuliani lost it. He whined:

That’s about as unfair a thing as you can say! How did I know that he was a lawyer taping his client… the guy is unethical, he’s a scumbag, he’s a horrible person!”

You can watch this insane interview below:

If this doesn’t make Trump realize he should have fired Giuliani a long time ago, I don’t know what will. Giuliani continues to give Robert Mueller a clear path to the president, and Trump continues to let him do it.

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