Video Of Kavanaugh With His Wife Resurfaces, Raises More Questions About Whether He Should Be Supreme Court Justice

This is just disgusting.

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Just a few months ago, the US Supreme Court heard arguments for and against a “stay” of a controversial Louisiana abortion restriction and ruled 5-4 in favor of the stay — meaning the law could not take effect. But most notable about the case was which justices voted which way. Chief Justice John Roberts joined the court’s more liberal members, but newly-added Justice Brett Kavanaugh voted against the stay.

That’s a pretty striking contrast against what Senator Susan Collins, who was instrumental in putting him on the court, assured America wasn’t going to happen. She told her constituents that Kavanaugh would respect the law and Roe v. Wade. That was clearly not the case.

Now Collins has been under the microscope for having essentially been the Senator who handed Kavanaugh the SCOTUS seat he sits in, all because he’s back in the news with credible, corroborated claims against him for sexual assault.


It’s not like you needed a whole lot more convincing to understand that Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh is a terrible person and possibly the worst pick for the Supreme Court in multiple generations. He blatantly lied under oath in front of the Senate and was likely only saved from serious jail time by the statute of limitations for what he allegedly did to the six women who accused him of sex crimes.

But the thing is, you don’t actually have to look that far. You don’t need an FBI investigation to know that Kavanaugh mistreats women, and a video tweeted just a few hours ago of footage from the time of his confirmation proves exactly that, with Kavanaugh’s own wife, Ashley.

In the video, not only does the Justice shove his wife out of the way during his swearing-in ceremony with the President, but her face and body language almost act as a precursor for what you see at around the 20-second mark: Kavanaugh clapping his wife on the back so hard it whips her head back and forth:

Ashley’s face is contorted into a smile so forced it looks like a grimace, and it’s hard not to draw parallels between her expression and what we heard from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford during her testimony before the Senate on September 27:

I thought he might inadvertently kill me.”

The patterns of behavior for an abuser, regardless of sex or gender, rarely change as they move through their life. And for one like Kavanaugh, who is used to never being told no, never having to face consequences, and possibly most unfortunately of all, never getting his ass kicked by someone who sees him being a jerk, the odds are even smaller.

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