New Billboard Welcomed Trump Ahead Of His Rally In New Mexico, Sent Clear Message

Can we get a big cheer for New Mexico?!

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Donald Trump held himself yet another white supremacy rally in disguise last night — this time in New Mexico — as he continues to gear up for the 2020 reelection.

Of course, Trump spent pretty much the entire time hammering down on his typical racist and hateful rhetoric, which spurred his dwindling but still insane base because they know that four more years of Trump equates to four more years of them being allowed to be complete and total racist douchebags proudly out in the open with absolutely no consequences — the president does it, so why can’t they?

It didn’t take long at all for Donald to take to his handy, dandy Twitter account, as he always does after one of these events, to share his adrenaline rush with the world of social media — posting statuses and tweeting videos claiming that he was so very revered and beloved and the people of New Mexico just could not enough of him.


But let me tell you, the people of New Mexico have, in fact, had enough of him. And they were diligent in ensuring that Donald knew it.

What Trump neglected to post on his own Twitter account was a photograph or even a mention of the billboard that was perfectly placed to “welcome” him into the state of New Mexico. And let’s just say it was extremely indicative of the New Mexicos citizen’s feelings on Trump’s presence in their home.

Scott Dworkin, Co-Founder and Lead Investigator of the Democratic Coalition, was more than happy to share photographic evidence of the sign with all of his followers, both on Twitter and Instagram:

And boy, were Twitter users here for it:

The only bad part is, New York damn sure doesn’t want his ass back either. So, may we suggest going straight back to hell where he came from?

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery

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