Video Released Showing Trump “Working” On Air Force One And It’s Pretty Unprofessional

This says everything you need to know about Donald Trump's ethics.

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There’s almost nothing worse than watching someone with a more important job than you goofing off while you work. Unfortunately, that’s almost become emblematic of the Trump administration from day one: A President who promised he would be far too busy to play golf or watch television, doing a whole lot of both of those things.

It might not honestly be so bad if we could believe that Trump was getting work done while he took leisure time, as almost every President has done — leaders all the way back as far as anyone can remember have done handshakes on the links. Or maybe if it were imaginable that Trump was watching something edifying or perhaps taking his presidential daily brief in video form.



This recently resurfaced video from the press pool’s first visit with Donald Trump aboard Air Force One essentially laid out what we could expect from the President for the duration of his stay in the White House. The footage is taken at desk height as though the cameraman either didn’t want Trump to pay too much attention to the video camera — or maybe the camera operator just wanted to get a little closer to the audio in the room, so the people who eventually saw this clip would see what Trump was doing during what was technically an appointment with the press.

He’s watching Fox News.

You can hear it in the Fox-only commercials that are airing in the background. Loudly. As in, this guy didn’t even bother to turn down the TV before meeting with the press for something as momentous as his first photo-op on board the world’s most famous plane.

This is more than unprofessional. It’s disrespectful. Unfortunately, it’s indicative of not just the low opinion Trump has always had for the press, but for how he sees people “less important” than he is.

Watch the footage here:

Featured image via screen capture

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