Trump Furious After BFF Sean Hannity Plays Ad That Makes Him Look ‘Impotent’

Trump has just been betrayed by his favorite network AND his best friend!

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After making enemies with pretty much every single mainstream news network except for Fox News, Donald Trump’s circle of friends in the media keeps getting smaller. He’s even made several employees at Fox either quit or call him out for his attacks on the press. Fox News is now the only network he can binge watch while he’s on a semi-vacation in Bedminster, NJ this week — until he sees what his BFF Sean Hannity is airing during his show, that is.

A new ad just started airing on Fox, making its first debut yesterday during Trump’s two favorite shows — Fox & Friends and Sean Hannity. Already, the ad has gone viral. The ad is titled “Weak,” created by the Swamp Accountability Project. In a press release, the group said the ad was “aimed at an audience of one: The President” and features a Trump voter who says this in the ad:

Mr. President, I voted for you in 2016 because I wanted to Make America Great Again. After eight years of President Obama’s weak leadership, I was ready for a tough leader. Now I hear you’re thinking of firing Bob Mueller or the Deputy Attorney General.

It makes you look weak, petty, and impotent to us Trump supporters. We don’t want someone that’s weak, petty or impotent— that’s why we voted for you instead of those other guys.

Don’t fire Mueller or the Deputy AG. Just focus on Making America Great Again.”

You can watch it below:


For the rest of the week, this ad will be playing during Hannity’s show, ensuring that there is no way Trump can escape seeing it. This is definitely an unexpected move by Fox, playing an ad that so specifically insults the president and points out all his weaknesses. We’re eager to see if Trump will lash out at the only network he has left on his side, and whether Trump will continue to call Hannity every night before bed after this.

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