Unearthed Video Of Lindsey Graham Ranting About Impeachment Comes Back To Haunt Him

Wonder what his excuse for this is?

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Lindsey Graham has been a diehard supporter of Donald Trump. He has willingly made an absolute ass of himself over and over again to defend POTUS against allegations of collusions and obstruction, especially in the wake of the Muller probe — even when Trump was publicly bashing his long-time friend, the late Senator John McCain, for weeks over his “thumbs down” vote for repeal and replace.

When Attorney General Bill Barr released his 4-page personal summary of the over 300 page Mueller report, Lindsey was one of the first to jump on the “exonerated” bandwagon — even though Barr’s synopsis expressly stated that, while Mueller’s report did not contain enough evidence to conclude collusion with the Russian government, it certainly could NOT exonerate the president from charges of obstruction of justice. And that’s just coming from the half-assed report of the Attorney General that lives in Trump’s front pocket — meaning there’s some serious shit in the full report.

Nevertheless, Lindsey Graham harked from the mountain tops about the “witch hunt” that poor Donald Trump was subjected to, painting him as a victim of Mueller’s probe and the media — regardless of the heaping amounts of evidence against POTUS.


But as it turns out, Lindsey seems to only be so forgiving when it involves someone that he sees as beneficial. A clip from the 1990s was recently discovered by MSNBC anchor Lawrence O’Donnell that shows Lindsey Graham demanding the impeachment of them POTUS Bill Clinton — and he’s doing so based on far less evidence than what’s already been collected against Trump.

Graham barked to Congress, “While this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.” — which is damn cheeky coming from Graham considering that statement is virtually verbatim to the one made about Trump.

We fully expect this to quickly come back and bit him in the ass. If impeachment was good enough for Clinton, it’s damn sure good enough for Donald.

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