Trump Forced To Apologize To Nancy Pelosi After Cursing Uncontrollably In Meeting

This is the most pathetic thing I've ever heard.

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Yesterday, Donald Trump cursed out Democrats during a live speech, which once again proved that the president is never going to become presidential material no matter how much time he spends in the White House.

Trump’s terrible behavior has humiliated the Republican Party time and time again as his foul language and mental instability wreck the GOP’s reputation on and off of Twitter. And because the president and his minions lack any hint of self awareness, they don’t even notice that they’ve set the bar extremely low. And yet, they’re the first to notice when others step out of line.

Donald Trump and the Republican Party love to complain when it will fit their agenda — even if their own behavior is just as terrible. Earlier this year, Trump and the GOP were up in arms about the language of Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib, when she used a curse word to talk about the president’s likely impeachment. Trump himself even spoke out against Tlaib’s comments, calling them a “disgrace” and giving America a pathetic sob story so his supporters would feel sorry for him.


However, no one should give Trump any sympathy, because the president’s own language far exceeds anything Tlaib could have said. According to The Washington Post, Trump’s language during a meeting with Democratic leadership that was so foul that Trump had to apologize to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

The Post noted that in the meeting, Trump threw a profanity-riddled temper tantrum about his border wall and threatened a shutdown that could last for years:

The president often used profanity during the meeting, apologizing to Pelosi at one point for cursing so much, according to the official.”

And just to show the hypocrisy that Trump is living in, here are his comments about Rep. Tlaib doing a “great dishonor” to her family when she said Democrats would “impeach the motherf*cker.”

Once again, a standard Trump is whining about does not apply to him — as per usual in this cursed presidency. Two years into his term and Trump still hasn’t learned to act presidential or clean up his image. Instead, he is attacking minority women and getting sympathy by playing the victim.

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