Uncovered Report Alleges Trump’s Mother Didn’t Like Him: “What Kind Of Son Have I Created?”

We can't say we blame her.

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Hopefully, you were able to spend your Mother’s Day earlier this year with the people that mean the most to you instead of keeping up with Donald Trump’s Twitter feed. But if you were unlucky enough to be subscribed to those notifications like I am, you noticed that the president didn’t have much to say about the one day of the year that’s specifically reserved for respecting mothers. Instead, he tweeted a half-ass meme and spent the rest of the day in a tantrum per the usual.

Of course, he could’ve avoided saying much about the holiday because let’s face it, he’s certainly not one to applaud women, even when they deserve it. But according to a recently resurfaced report from Vanity Fair, Trump’s avoidance of the holiday may have a more personal explanation — dude’s got mommy issues out the wazoo.

Trump’s Scottish-born mother passed away in 2000, but her early demise didn’t spare her embarrassment of her son. Evidently, she was already disgusted with Donald’s playboy lifestyle, business failings, and destroyed marriages nearly 20 years ago. Given that her husband, Fred Trump, was notorious for bailing their son out of his conundrums, it’s likely that she had a front-row seat to the absolute cluster-fuck that is her son.


Mary Trump witnessed her son’s catastrophic divorce in the late 1980s and sat down for an interview with Vanity Fair in 1990 in which friends of the Trumps claimed that Mary was rarely even around Donald and that instead, it was usually Fred.

In that interview, Mary was confronted about asking Donald’s soon-to-be-ex-wife Ivana, “What kind of son have I created?”

When asked about his mother, Donald has described the woman as “fantastic” and a “homemaker” who “loved it.” However, it’s impossible to ignore that the photo sitting on his desk is of his father only.

It seems that Trump’s very own mother could barely stomach the egomaniac that she’d given birth to, and as a result of that she didn’t spend much time around him. Maybe that’s why he’s such a shitbag to women, he’s trying to get back at the mommy who never loved him.

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