Trump Goes On Twitter And Attacks His Republican Opponents, Calls Them The “Three Stooges”

And they accuse US of infighting?!

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The 2020 election is quickly sneaking up on ol’ Donald Trump and regardless of what he wants the public to believe, he is downright terrified — and not just of the dozens of Democrats that are up in arms against him, either.

Trump is constantly peddling the claim that he’s 100 percent confident in his ability to nab the election once again — most likely because Mitch the Trump Bitch won’t let Congress pass any legislation to ensure that Vladimir Putin and the Russian government don’t do the Trumpster a solid yet again.

But Trump’s perpetual, overly-confident rhetoric has the exact opposite effect that he’s hoping for. While he intends it to show the American public that he’s supposedly not scared of next year’s election, all it’s really doing is proving that he’s absolutely terrified. I mean downright shaking in his tiny little heeled shoes.


And the hair-brained, half-baked tweet worthy of some frat boy bro dude that he sent out recently is more than proof of such.

Evidently, the army of Democrats that are gearing up in hopes of taking on Donald in the impending election isn’t the only thing that he’s feeling some trepidation over.

Now that a few Republican candidates have shown up to give the Trumpster a run for his money from his own side of the fence, he seems to be getting pretty upset — so much so that he’s willing to attack his own party.

“Can you believe it? I’m at 94% approval in the Republican Party, and have Three Stooges running against me. One is “Mr. Appalachian Trail” who was actually in Argentina for bad reasons….” Trump’s first tweet read.

Followed by, “….Another is a one-time BAD Congressman from Illinois who lost in his second term by a landslide, then failed in radio. The third is a man who couldn’t stand up straight while receiving an award. I should be able to take them!”

You know, my grandma used to say, “you only flinch when you know you need it.” So I’m going to go ahead and say, “you only talk shit when you know you’re about to lose.”

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