Two Trump Supporters At Florida Rally Held “Latinos Para Trump” Signs, Obvious They Were Paid To Be There

What a joke?!

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Donald Trump spent a good portion of his campaign reelection kickoff rally in Orlando, Florida bragging about the crowd size that filled the building. And while he wasn’t necessarily outright incorrect — there were a lot of people there — the real truth, the true truth and not the nonsense that Trump and Fox News try to peddle, is beginning to come out. And it looks like several folks were there not because they actually support Trump or give a damn about what he has to say, but because they were getting paid.

A lot of photos were taken at that ridiculous rally, and loads of them are quickly making their rounds on the world wide web. But one picture, in particular, serves as proof that Donald didn’t pack the building with near as many true supporters as he wants you to believe he did.

And here’s why:


At first glance, the photo looks like your typically MAGA supporter. Middle-aged, white, and donning a cowboy hat because, for some reason, those that Trump hurts the most seem to be some of his biggest supporters. (I.e. farmers.) However, a closer look at the picture will betray that first glance thought fairly quickly.

You’ll notice that this middle-aged, white man and woman, both decked out in a cowboy hat, are holding signs that read “Latinos para Trump.” Now, first things first — neither one of those particular human beings are anything close to Latino. At all. Not even a little bit. In fact, they’re so far from Latino that it’s not even a dot on their horizon.

Secondly, the damn sign isn’t even grammatically correct. Both “para” and “por” can be used to say “for” in Spanish. However, they are used quite differently. Plus, it’s especially rich that “para” can also mean “stop.”

NYU lecturer Félix Manuel Burgos, weighed in on this matter to HuffPost back in 2016 when it similar incident occurred:

“If you want to express support for someone with your vote, it should be “por.” That is the preposition that goes with the verb “votar.”

“Para” doesn’t make sense in that context, unless you work for him, that is the proposition that goes with “trabajar.” … [But] actually, the best option would have been “con,” that expresses general support. “Latinos con Trump.” But I don’t think they will print many of those signs.”

Literally, you’ve got some white folk holding up incorrect Spanish signs, making some quick cash so that Trump can look like he’s got a lot of diverse supporters without actually having to be nice to a Mexican.

Featured image via screen capture

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