Twitter Warns Trump He’s On Thin Ice After He Attacks Teenage Girl: “Prisoners Don’t Like Inmates Who’ve Attacked Children”

His support is fading fast.

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It’s one thing for the President to go after fellow politicians, especially those he considers an existential threat to his career — whether he’s right or wrong, one can still understand why he might attack Adam Schiff or Nancy Pelosi on social media or even live in a press conference.

But it turns out Trump clearly believes he’s had enough practice at attacking those who threaten his presidency. He has all of his little nicknames for his political adversaries, and maybe he’s getting bored or something because he’s now moved on to attacking anyone who threatens the authority of literally anything he claims.

And here’s the thing: Most Republicans are actually like this — Trump is just louder when he does it and better at being obvious to the people he’s trying to appeal to. Where Mitch McConnell might do “dog whistle” politics where he subtly reduces funding to an area of Kentucky that’s largely black, Donald Trump sticks his fingers in his mouth and blows. He’s whistling for the ugliest, nastiest supporters he can find, because he’s what they call a “stochastic terrorist”: He wants to say things that will make his supporters literally attack the people he doesn’t like.


But whether most or all Republicans are basically the same, they most generally don’t go after “soft targets” that make them look like monsters. Donald Trump has no such compunction.

So when a supporter of his attacked 16-year-old Greta Thunberg, the climate activist with Asperger’s Syndrome who recently mustered her courage to speak before the UN on climate change, Trump was right on board, encouraging her to keep attacking Greta as a liar.

Let me tell you: There are heroes who get cats out of trees because they’re big and strong and know how to take charge. And then there are heroes who try to save the planet because they’re young and terrified of the destruction of humankind, but not of the weak and feeble politicians who enable it. And Twitter loves a hero.

Trump hates Greta because she’ll probably get the Nobel Prize he wants so badly, and perhaps TIME’s Person of the Year, and he hates her because she doesn’t give a shit about any of that, and it makes him look infinitely small and terrible.

But that’s Trump’s brand of crazy. What about the supporters who watch him attacking a teenager and think to themselves, “THAT’S the kind of President I want”?

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