Trump Accidentally Implicated Himself After He Does Exactly What He Said Schiff Was Guilty Of “Treason” For Doing


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In the absolutely bonkers Oval Office press briefing yesterday — you know, the one where the President of Finland had to slap away Trump’s hand from his leg, Trump freaked out on reporters for asking about Joe Biden, and reporters went back to Finland describing a “circus” and an “alternate reality” in Trump’s White House — there was almost too much news to cover anything adequately.

And because Trump’s antics were so wide-ranging and manic, it feels like something pretty big got overlooked as the President ranted and raved: At one point he described what he thought it must have looked like in the room with Nancy Pelosi when she read the transcript of his call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky:


The problem is, whether he actually did “hear” that Nancy said that or not (he didn’t), Trump literally says “She said” in his remarks, meaning he was attributing those words to her. She never said those words. That “FAKE & terrible statement” was made up, you might say.

Oh. You don’t say.

Oh, fraud too? Well, this is getting interesting. By his own standards, Trump should be questioned for fraud and treason for making up a statement by Nancy Pelosi and, worse than just saying it to Congress, he said it live on camera to everyone in the world with a television.

In fact, he made up that statement from Nancy immediately after reminding reporters what he thought of Schiff’s actions. This is from the SAME PRESS BRIEFING:

Set aside for a moment the fact that in that video he calls the transcript “word for word” even though the White House described it as basically the opposite of that when they released it. Trump’s insistence that the transcript is all that matters is way off the mark. All that REALLY matters is that he admitted to having asked a foreign leader to investigate a political rival, which is illegal.

I mean, unless he wants to really harp on this treason thing. I bet we could help him out there.

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