Twitter Goes Nuts After Obama Tweets Out Image Congratulating US Women’s Soccer Team, Humiliates Trump In The Process

Give this guy a gold medal too!

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While right-wing idiots across the country are too busy being misogynists or flag huggers to appreciate the fourth-straight soccer World Cup victory by the amazing US Women’s National Team, one patriot was proud to show his support, especially by showing off his custom jersey with his name on it. It’s a name you’d probably recognize a mile away:

That, of course, will piss off the current President — not just because he hates Obama and almost all people of color, but because he hates the idea of Obama having any semblance of authority now, any kind of public platform. For example, the tweet that Trump sent out congratulating the team on their win came only after intense public back and forth between Trump and the team’s star forward Megan Rapinoe, and so far the tweet has gathered 262,000 “likes” in the 3 days since it was posted.


Obama’s message — being one of not just pride in having “America” next to the word “champions” again, but in these remarkable women and the inspiration they provide — has more than 245,000 likes in the four hours since Obama tweeted it.

You can see the love the public still has for President #44:

And of course, one of my favorite gifs I think I have ever seen:

Let’s hope the tantrum Trump throws doesn’t start any wars.

Featured image via screen capture

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