Howard Stern Just Broke Every Republican’s Heart As He Exposed The Truth About Trump And Abortion

This is gonna hurt Trump's chances for re-election!

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Donald Trump fooled conservatives big time when he pretended to care about their agenda despite living a life that was the exact opposite. But while Trump may have been able to convince his gullible followers that he cared about family values and religion, Republicans got a harsh wakeup call today by someone who has known Trump for a very long time.

Recently, Howard Stern did an interview on Good Morning America regarding his new memoir, “Howard Stern Comes Again.” During the interview, Stern reflected how his many past interviews with Trump may have helped Trump win the election — and blew up Trump’s act when it comes to conservative matters like abortion.

Stern stated that he believed Trump benefited from the interviews they’d done and that he wished he’d had Hillary Clinton on his show so that she could have had the same leverage. Stern also cast doubt on whether Trump even wanted to be president in the first place, while revealing his own conflicted feelings of the kind of president Trump turned out to be. Stern lamented, “The guy I knew…I didn’t know this was him.”


Then, Stern dropped this truth bomb, suggesting that Trump’s current anti-abortion position was just another lie:

I don’t believe his stance on abortion, for example. The Donald I know I think he’d probably get a few people abortions. I don’t know what he’s doing. The stance, the women don’t have a right to choose what — you don’t have to get an abortion. But if you want the right — I remember the days of women in the back alleys with coat hangers, that’s not acceptable.”

To many, Trump’s lies about being anti-abortion seem obvious — a serial cheater like the president would likely be a major fan of hiding his dirty deeds in any way possible. But unfortunately, he’s managed to fool conservatives into believing he was something he’s not. Hopefully, this will open their eyes:

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