Trump’s Old Tweet About Japan Comes Back To Bite Him In The Ass As He Meets With Japanese Emperor

Japan is not going to like this.

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If there’s anything Donald Trump just absolutely loves to do, it’s making himself look good. Over the Memorial Day weekend, during a 4-day trip to Japan, he was sure to brag about the fact that he would be the first world leader to meet with Japan’s newly-anointed Emperor Naruhito.

However, in the process of his gloating, an old tweet of his was dug up where he was engaging in one of his other favorite past times — criticizing and berating Barack Obama. And it hilariously highlights Donald’s blatant hypocrisy and could make things quite awkward between the president and Japan’s newest leader.

Trump kicked things off by retweeting an article from the Japan Times explaining that president Trump would be the first world leader to meet with Naruhito.


But as Trump was relishing in his ego, the rest of Twitter did their American duty and dug up a Trump tweet from around three years ago where Donald was criticizing former President Barack Obama for meeting with Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

In the tweet from late May of 2016, Trump denounced Obama and questioned whether he brought up Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor during World War II during his visit with the Prime Minister.

Considering  Emperor Naruhito’s grandfather, Emperor Hirohito, is the one who signed off on the Pearl Harbor attack, Trump’s old criticism of Obama in regards to the assault could strain the new relationship with the current Prime Minister in a personal way.

Twitter users were quick to note that this tweet from Trump’s past is indicative of the Trump phenomenon that he seems to have a “tweet for everything.”

While it’s always lots of fun to watch Trump made into a fool (and it happens a lot), let’s just hope that this doesn’t ruin the United States’ relationship with yet another country all thanks to our president being a dickbag.

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