Trump Starts Memorial Day With Unhinged Rant About Impeachment, Twitter Tears Him To Shreds

He is disgusting.

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Donald Trump is nothing if not egotistical. He has a way of making himself the center of attention in every single thing he does regardless of the situation. Which is exactly what he did this morning when he posted another typical Trump Twitter rant about impeachment and Democrats on the day of remembrance for our fallen military heroes.

“Impeach for what, having created perhaps the greatest Economy in our Country’s history, rebuilding our Military, taking care of our Vets (Choice), Judges, Best Jobs Numbers Ever, and much more? Dems are Obstructionists!” Trump’s tweet early this morning read.

“The Dems are getting NOTHING done in Congress! They only want a Do-Over on Mueller!” he added in a second tweet.


Of course, because Twitter can be a truly magical place sometimes, Donald was promptly scorched for being so downright disrespectful by taking a day reserved for remembrance and mourning of those that lost their lives while serving in the United States Armed Forces and turning it into a partisan political attack.

Some Twitter users even took the time to explain to Trump the many reasons why he’s more than eligible for impeachment.

Hours after his Twitter fit, Trump posted a Memorial Day video from the Arlington National Cemetery, which prompted Twitter users to drag him even further for posting his rant first and a remembrance video as a mere afterthought.

We expected Trump to do something disgusting for the holiday, but it just doesn’t make our stomachs turn any less.

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583 points