Trump’s Old Tweet About Duchess Of Cambridge Comes Back To Haunt Him As He Gets Ready To Meet Her

He is SUCH a pig!!!

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It turns out there really is a tweet for everything. In today’s case, it’s a tweet reminding us that we really shouldn’t have expected anything less than pure trash from Donald Trump when it comes to meeting, greeting, or maintaining any sort of traditional or friendly relationship with the royal family of England.

There is a literal gold mine of tweets in Trump’s pre-presidency timeline just waiting to be unearthed like the treasures they are. And every time the internet finds one, it seems to go viral for how eerily it predicts things that are currently happening, or contradicts a previous stance of Trump’s, or in this case, offers a look at how little Trump has changed since he found his voice on Twitter all those years ago.

In fact, if you thought it was tasteless for Trump to call Meghan Markle “nasty” the way he did a few days ago in an interview, just imagine how awful he must have been before he had advisors that forced him to give a shit about other humans.


Okay, no need to imagine.

That would be in reference to one Kate Middleton, having been recently caught sunbathing topless at a beach with her husband, the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William.

Now, without the context of time, Trump’s tweet could be one of two things: Either it’s an exhortation from Trump for the Duchess to sunbathe nude (again? more?) so that people can take pictures, or it is an admonition of Kate for having sued the tabloids that printed the pictures. Either way, it’s a tweet from a creepy old dude about her boobs.

Ironically, Trump now believes that his own family is the American version of the royal family, and although his equivalent of the Queen already has posed nude for magazines and he has publicly stated he wouldn’t mind at all if his “princess” did the same, it’s clear that back in 2012, he never thought in a million years he might have to look the royals in their eyes after having tweeted such total garbage.

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