Fox News Lies, Claims 250,000 British Protesters Are Actually Trump Supporters

They have no shame!

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Since landing in the UK, Donald Trump has been perpetuating the falsehood that he is beloved in the United Kingdom and even took to Twitter to say so, attempting to claim that he hasn’t seen any protesters yet and stating that the “fake news” would be working hard to find them.


As it turns out, neither the “fake news” nor anyone else need to look far, as upwards of 250,000 people have taken to the streets of London to protest Donald Trump and everything he stands for. But Donald’s beloved Fox News couldn’t just stand idly by and let the truth be told freely. Instead, they had to sell the myth that while there were literally thousands of protesters in the streets, there simply had to be a bunch that were actually Trump supporters.

Fox and Friends continued to promote the idea that Donald has throngs of supporters in the UK with Fox News White House correspondent Kevin Corke saying, “Yeah, do keep this in mind though guys. A lot of those demonstrations will also include pro-Trump folks out there who, a great many of them feel like he is simply not getting his fair share in the media here.”

The network continued with this rhetoric, backing up Corke’s claims, “As Kevin Corke accurately pointed out a little while ago, 250,000, it would be hard to tell who were pro-Trump and who were anti-Trump… There are people on both sides of the aisle.”

It’s truly no wonder Donald was so upset when he realized he would be deprived of his precious Fox News Network while he was in London, and only have access to CNN. Fox is the only channel that will pacify the president and ensure that he hears exactly what he wants to hear, no more no less, regardless of whether there’s any truth to it at all.

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