Trump’s New Chief Of Staff Caught On Video Revealing His Disgust For POTUS During 2016 Campaign

Startlingly honest, for a Republican.

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The frantic search for a Chief of Staff for President Donald Trump has been an exercise in high drama, denials, and disastrous PR for the White House. It was more than clear by Friday morning that literally no one wanted the job being vacated by outgoing CoS John Kelly, who vainly tried to wrangle the West Wing into some semblance of order amid a chaotic administration.

Unfortunately for Kelly and for Trump, the retired General very publicly demonstrated the possible pratfalls of the position. Coupled with the fact that he never really denied calling Trump a moron, it made the job at the very least distasteful to anyone who wants a further career in politics.

In a final move of desperation, Trump once again laterally “promoted” an existing employee — this time former South Carolina Republican Congressman Mick Mulvaney, who started his tenure in the Trump administration as the head of the Consumer Protection Bureau, then got jerked over to the Office of Management and Budget. Now Mulvaney, for better or worse, is the “acting” Chief of Staff for Trump.


We’re betting it will be for worse.

It certainly hasn’t started well, anyway. It took mere hours after the President’s announcement — and insistence that “more than ten” people wanted the thankless job — for video of Mulvaney to surface in which he essentially eviscerates the President as a “terrible human being.”

Man, that’s worse than “moron” by a mile. Mulvaney was running for reelection in South Carolina, and while seated next to his Democratic opponent in the Congressional race, he expressed his very grudging support for Trump, entirely because he liked Clinton less:

Do I like Donald Trump? No. Is he a role model for my, two of my, my 16-year-old triplets, for those of you who don’t know me, two boys and a girl… Is he a role model for my sons? Absolutely not. She [Hillary Clinton] is neither a role model for my daughter. I don’t like her very much either. We have perhaps two of the most flawed human beings running for President in the history of the country.”

Mulvaney goes on to say he’s supporting Trump as enthusiastically as possible, “given the fact that I think he’s a terrible human being.”

This should definitely be totally fun and normal and not in any way awkward when Trump sees this video:

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