Sarah Sanders Goes On Live TV To Blame Dems For Trump’s Legal Woes, POTUS Getting His Money’s Worth Out Of Her

She may be leaving, but she's sure not slowing down.

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On the heels of the brand new investigation into possible misuse of funds by the Trump Inaugural Committee — a probe launched based on data obtained in the FBI raids on Michael Cohen’s home and offices — it looks like it’s time for Trump to start sending out his minions to spread fake news about it and cast blame exactly where he thinks it lies: With Democrats.

That’s ridiculous, of course — if Dems had the power to independently hold anyone in the Trump administration accountable for anything at all, they would have by now. The fact that they may be able to more effectively at least call for investigations into Trump’s behavior now that they will be coming into power in one chamber of Congress next month certainly doesn’t give them the authority to do anything yet.

That didn’t stop Sarah Huckabee Sanders from going on Fox News to complain about Democrats doing what it’s impossible for them to have done.


The Wall Street Journal reported that not only was money from the Inaugural Committee not accounted for properly, but that some may have come from donors who sought access to the President, spots in the administration, or policy concessions that would benefit them personally or those they represented.

That’s not the takeaway Sanders and the White House had, however. Despite the fact that the Journal is globally considered to be a conservative newspaper of record, Sanders accused Democrats of making more accusations in an effort to derail the presidency and claimed that Trump (and his wife Melania) were involved in the inauguration only enough to have participated in it:

The role that the President had in the inauguration was to raise his hand and take the oath.”

Unfortunately for the Sanders media machine, America already knows at least partially that the Inaugural Committee was corrupt. The Committee was responsible for booking hotel rooms, securing event space, and buying meals for the grand event — and at least some of that money went to doing so at Trump properties and using Trump services. That means the Trump Inaugural Committee paid fundraised money to the Trump Organization, something that’s illegal on its face.

It’s a standard line of defense for Sanders and the President: If anyone did anything wrong, it had nothing to do with Trump.

It just happens to have his name on every aspect of it this time.


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