Trump’s Motorcade Forced To Turn Back After Major City Takes To The Streets In Protest

Turned away by a city that doesn't want him anywhere near.

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If there’s anything we should be thankful for, it’s the fact that most Americans still know what’s right.

President Donald Trump, despite the wishes of literally everyone in Pittsburgh, decided to go on ahead to the grief-stricken city before they’ve even had a chance to bury their dead following the deadliest anti-Semitic massacre in US history when a white nationalist opened fire in Tree of Life Synagogue in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood.

Robert Bowers killed 11 people in the brutal attack, before being ultimately wounded himself in the exchange of gunfire with police and being transported to a local hospital where he was ironically treated by Jewish doctors before being fully booked by law enforcement.


Most people in America other than Republicans and Donald Trump himself are aware of the deep impact Trump’s overt nationalism and racism has had on the level of hate crimes in the country, and groups organized protests to oppose Trump’s arrival in Pittsburgh to express exactly that. Two separate protests in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood, one planned entirely within less than 24 hours, converged on the area of the synagogue, many holding signs that told the President he was not welcome in the city at all unless and until he fervently denounced white nationalism, something the President has so far refused to do.

In a scene reminiscent of Charlottesville last year, Americans are outraged that the President is blaming other people for “fueling” the anger that leads to racist and hate-filled attacks — when he won’t even lead by example.

Thankfully, the mourners “sitting shiva” around the temple were able to drive their point home when they successfully turned away the President’s motorcade as it attempted to make its way to Tree of Life — the President had been specifically asked not to come by not just protesters, but by officials including the mayor of Pittsburgh.

While that may have been contrary to Trump’s attempt at a photo-op, it pales in comparison to being turned away by thousands of mourners who blame the President for their city’s grief.

Watch Wolf Blitzer’s CNN footage here:

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