Trump’s Eating Habits In White House Revealed, Staff Exposes Major Differences From Obama

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There’s been a lot of reporting and documentation about the declining physical and mental health of Donald Trump and his unhealthy habits. Aside from his very obvious mental instability, Trump’s physical health and habits are a far cry from former President Barack Obama, and the staff in the White House is speaking out about those differences, which explain a lot about why Trump is functioning so poorly.

One of the most notable changes that happened in the transition from the Obama administration to the Trump administration was in the mealtime routines. The New York Times reported that when Trump stepped foot in the White House, the culinary crew’s routine basically changed overnight. While Obama used to love eating out, Trump rarely eats in public and instead stays home to eat — and what he eats is also vastly different.

While Obama’s White House kitchen was cooking healthy, more sophisticated dishes such as Brussels sprouts and shakshuka, the White House is now forced to serve the president meatloaf and ice cream. That’s not surprising, considering how Trump’s diet has been reported to consist mostly of Diet Coke and junk food, but it’s still disturbing when considering the president’s health.


Trump’s different meal preferences have also impacted the greater community. Obama’s White House would regularly feature local chefs, but Trump did away with that. Victor Albisu, a local chef and restaurant owner who previously cooked for Obama and George W. Bush, said of Trump:

I have not cooked for anybody in the administration. It’s a polarizing time for people, and a table full of food and drinks is the place to put aside those differences. I think this has been a net loss for everyone.”

Just like the way Trump is isolating America from the world, this paints a clear picture that the president is isolating himself in the White House and not taking care of his mental, emotional, and physical health.

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