Fox News Finds Solution To Fund Trump’s Border Wall, This Is The Dumbest Thing You’ll Hear Today

How is this actually a thing?!

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One of Donald Trump’s biggest embarrassments and failures in his short presidency is the unpopularity of one of his major campaign promises — his racist U.S. Mexico border wall. Time and time again, there remains no support or funding for Trump’s anti-immigrant fantasy, and it’s caused the president to have many temper tantrums on and off Twitter. Now, Fox News is coming to the rescue with a “brilliant” plan to help the president.

Earlier today, Fox & Friends ran an insane segment in which the network strategized for the president how he could get the wall funded even though no one really wants it except for his supporters. Among the ridiculous options laid out was the idea of crowdfunding the wall, and having every Trump voter donate $80 to fund the wall.

First off, the fact that this is even a discussion is ridiculous, depressing, and hilarious all at the same time, because clearly the president’s lies about Mexico paying for the border wall are being exposed on the only network that supports him. Not even Fox News has faith that Trump can actually make Mexico pay for this.


On the show, New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin told Fox News host Brian Kilmeade of a way Trump could get private funding for the wall. This was an important topic on Fox today, as Trump has been threatening a government shutdown if his border wall doesn’t get funding. Goodwin suggested to the president:

You can create a GoFundMe operation. Others suggest other ways, an existing effort called run by a sheriffs’ association that’s raised some money. According to my mail, a lot of people are willing to chip in. One reader writes to me and says if the 63 million people who voted for Donald Trump each contributed $80, that would get you near the $5 billion mark.

And I think that’s the kind of thing that needs to happen. It could be a people’s wall.”

Kilmeade followed up with this:

Like minor league baseball! Buy some ads on it.”

Never a dull moment on Fox News! You know, Trump voters complain an awful lot about paying taxes and for tons of other things that actually have a purpose in this country, but they might just be willing to shell out money if it’ll further white supremacy and support a racist cause. You can watch this ridiculous segment below:

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