Trump’s Angry At Fox News, Uncomfortably Stares Down Their Reporter During Friday Morning Press Briefing

Well, that escalated quickly.

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Lately, Donald Trump has been in quite the quarrel with his beloved Fox News Network, ever since they nixed Judge Jeanine Pirro’s show after she made hateful and bigoted remarks about Muslim women who wear hijabs. Trump has been firing off Twitter shots at them for days now in defense of the ousted judge. But it seems that he’s taking his newfound disdain for the network a step further this morning.

Trump held a spontaneous question-and-answer session with White House reporters Friday morning and made a point to blatantly disregard a Fox News reporter.

Fox News reporter John Roberts was among those outside of the White House this morning with questions for the president. In the footage, Trump is seen answering various questions and waving to the crowd. However, as he was departing from the impromptu group, Trump pointedly and noticeably scowled at Roberts, completely ignoring his questions. If by some chance you didn’t find the man petty and petulant before, this should pretty well do it for you.


Roberts took to Twitter this morning to confirm the cold shoulder he received from POTUS while trying to ask questions. Roberts tweeted the video with the caption, “It was a rather chilly March morning…” Something tells us the shunned reporter wasn’t referring to the weather.

It seems that Trump just can’t get over the fact that Fox News doesn’t want a bigoted asshole on their network, and he intends to take it out on everyone connected to the name. Just a few days ago, Donald was out for the blood of Shepard Smith. Now he’s telling reporters to “talk to the hand,” much like a third-grader, when it comes to them doing their job — reporting.

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