Trump Makes Insane Statement About Mueller’s Report, Believes Americans Will Defend Him

He is seriously delusional!

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Donald Trump has serious issues. Not only does he lack any remnants of mental stability but he’s now beginning to look more delusional as the days go by. What he said in his latest interview with Fox Business proved that he is no longer rooted in reality at all.

During this interview, Trump attacked several high-profile figures from the Department of Justice, stating that people would actually support him over Special Counsel Robert Mueller. He said that if Mueller’s report came out against him, the “people will not stand for it.” Really? Has Trump been paying ANY attention to the polls about Mueller’s report and how many Americans are actually in support of it and believe Trump is guilty as hell?

During the Fox Business interview, Maria Bartiromo asked Trump about the recent indications that Mueller would soon be submitting his report to Attorney General William Barr. This made Trump fly off the handle and go off on a tangent about how he won the election, before he attacked former AG Jeff Sessions and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein. Trump said:


A deputy who didn’t get any votes appoints a man who didn’t get any votes, he’s gonna write a report on me. Because we have an attorney general who nobody can believe, he didn’t tell me, but he rescued himself.”

Trump insisted that “people will not stand for it” and then went on about the Russia “hoax.” You can watch the video below:

Trump’s complete disregard for facts is terrifying. The fact that he can actually convince himself that the majority of America would protect him from wrongdoing is absolutely insane because the majority of the country never supported him in the first place. Since his presidency began, even fewer people will stand with him — even his own fan base has been shrinking. Trump is in for a VERY rude awakening!

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