Trump Will Blow Up With Jealousy As President Obama Is Set To Receive Same Award That Was Given To John McCain

Trump won't be able to STAND Obama getting this award.

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Recently, we all witnessed Donald Trump go absolutely ballistic over the fact that late Republican Senator John McCain was praised and honored all over the country for his service and contributions to America. While McCain’s memorial service and funeral went on, Trump was throwing a temper tantrum on Twitter, causing a PR nightmare for the White House. That’s why this next bit of news is going to send him over the edge.

Former President Barack Obama, the man that Trump is most jealous of, is about to receive the same award that McCain received years ago: The Paul H. Douglas Award for Ethics in Government from the University of Illinois. Obama is scheduled to receive this award Friday, which will drive Trump mad because we all know our current POTUS will never win any award that involves ethics. Previous recipients of the award, aside from McCain, include civil rights leader Rep. John Lewis and Supreme Court Justices Sandra Day O’Connor and John Paul Stevens.

When Obama accepts his award, he will be making a speech to invigorate Americans to vote in the midterms — as if this news couldn’t get any worse for Trump. Obama’s communications director Katie Hill said in a statement:


President Obama believes the solution to our long-term challenges can be best addressed when we all fully participate in our democracy. His post-presidency is the next chapter in the cause of his life — bringing people together to change the world for the better. His speech next Friday will address the challenges and opportunities facing our country.”

This is the last thing that Trump needs right now, as he’s still reeling from the backlash he got for disrespecting McCain. The fact that his predecessor — who America still wishes were POTUS — is being given this award is going to drive him mad.

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