Lindsey Graham Given New Role In Trump Administration, This Will Terrify You

The way the Trump administration is using Graham should scare everyone.

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Over the last few weeks, Donald Trump has become far more erratic than usual, thanks to his progressing Russia investigation, the nationwide mourning and praise for late Senator John McCain, and the fact that Bob Woodward’s Book “Fear” is destroying him as we speak. Just over the last few days, Trump has become completely unhinged and his administration is scrambling to keep him under control and prevent him from doing something crazy. One of their tactics have just been revealed, and it’s pretty scary.

It turns out that Trump’s aides have been deploying a few Republicans to spend time with Trump on the golf course — in order to talk him out of any horrible decisions he might think of while playing. The Washington Post reported that Trump aides manipulate the president by giving Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) — who has been playing golf with Trump much more lately — talking points before golf outings to prevent the president from making terrible decisions on policy. The Post reported:

White House legislative aides would prep them on helpful messages they were trying to share or ‘disasters they were trying to divert,’ according to a former senior administration official. A current senior administration official defended the practice as ‘standard staff work in any White House.’”

The report reveals several other revelations as well, including the fact that Trump’s former Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus, would purposely delay Trump’s requests to fire people or implement policies as a White House survival tactic. Priebus would tell Trump his wishes would be completed “next week,” then purposely drop it — because he knew Trump would forget about it.


There are several other disturbing bombshells in the report, but the fact that the White House is now forced to get other Senators to play golf with Trump just to keep the president in line is very concerning. Trump can’t be trusted, in or out of the White House.

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