Trump Was Asked What To Do About School Shootings, His Only Answer Was He “Made A Report”


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Donald Trump has had a lot of bad days in the two and a half years that he’s been living it up in the White House — whether he cares to admit it or not. We all witnessed the absolute tizzy that ensued and continues to develop as a result of the former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this sorry excuse for a president.

But according to Donald Trump, his worst bad day during his time in our White House has been whenever a school shooting takes place. But don’t get your hopes up just yet. It’s certainly not because lives were lost as a result of his downright refusal to pass any gun laws. His dismay stems from something far more cynical — he knows people are going to be on his ass to do something about it. And considering he’s in the pocket of the NRA, that makes for a bad, bad day for Donnie.

Donald sat down for an interview with C-SPAN when he admitted that school shootings were his most difficult days as president. But when he was questioned by the reporter as to what he has planned to do to prevent further school shootings and gun violence in general, unsurprisingly enough Trump gave little more than a non-answer.


“You know, we did a report,” Trump answered. “The Florida shooting was horrible. … And we did a report. And they really appreciated the report.”

They did a report, guys. They did a report on a school shooting where 17 people lost their lives. And evidently, we should all be positively swooning with gratitude for it.

Your bad days are going to get worse, Trump, if children continue to lose their lives. I can promise you that. Because not a single soul, not a single grieving parent gives a fuck about your report.

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