Trump Was About To Reveal Secret Technology About Border Wall Until General Stops Him

They need to start carrying duct tape for his mouth!

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Donald Trump has spent the last three days visiting the westernmost parts of our country during a trip to the big, blue state of California where he attended some fundraising events. To wrap up his visit, Donnie took a trip down to California’s southern border where he stopped to show reporters some of the ongoing construction taking part at this section of his border wall — which Trump, of course, referred to as “an amazing project.”

While Donald is certainly beaming with pride over the fact that something is finally starting to happen in regard to his cruel and inhumane pet project, Californians weren’t nearly as thrilled, with thousands of them gathering in protest in southern California to make it known to Trump that they don’t believe in his “border crisis” and they feel this is only a ploy to discriminate against legal asylum seekers to the US.

Of course, Donnie’s attempt at his wall hasn’t gone smoothly from the very get-go, as it was instantly met by hard push-back from Congressional Democrats. Not to mention the fact that Mexico isn’t paying for a dime of it like he promised all throughout his 2016 campaign — so he’s no instead taken to diverting billions in funding from our very own military to make his dream come true.


When asked about the fact that American military families are now footing the bill for the ridiculous display of hatred rather than the Mexican government as he’d promised before, Trump claimed that Mexico was “paying for 27,000 soldiers” and evidently that’s good enough in his book.

But the funding for the wall wasn’t the only area in which Donald made a complete ass out of himself during his visit to California’s southernmost border.

In the process of speaking with gathered reporters at the border, Donald began to divulge some very sensitive information regarding secret technology that’s currently in use to protect the southern border and ultimately turned to the general that was in charge, asking him to elaborate on the situation.

However, the general present had enough sense to dodge the question and instead of expanding on Trump’s details stated, “Sir, there could be some merit in not discussing that.”

The fact that Donald’s ego has grown to such heights that he feels he has the right to not only reveal top-secret information regarding our country but call on others to do the same speaks volumes for the future of our nation. Trump doesn’t give a damn about our safety. He just wants to look like the coolest kid on the block.

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