Trump Wakes Up, Goes Bonkers On Twitter; White House Worried

They're coming after his precious Twitter account!

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There’s no denying that Trump’s Twitter habit is spiraling out of control. The Mueller report isn’t being swept under the rug as quickly as he had hoped and the impending 2020 election isn’t shaping up to be quite the slam dunk he had imagined. So of course, he takes to Twitter to let out his frustrations, and it’s got the White House in a frenzy.

Early one morning here recently, Trump decided to have a healthy helping of Twitter with his breakfast and go on yet another rant about the Mueller report and Democrats — this time demanding that the Dems stop looking at him and start investigating themselves.


For someone that claims the Mueller report was complete and total “exoneration,” Trump sure does keep talking about it an awful lot, and it seems that the White House has had enough of it.

According to a report from Politico, acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney is doing his damnedest to get a handle on Trump and his incessant Twitter tantrums. But the folks inside the White House had a good sarcastic chuckle at the mere idea that anyone could pry the smartphone from Donald’s tiny hands.

Mulvaney explained to Politico, “We’ll spend a little more time being proactive, and a little less time being reactive … We want to talk about the economy. We want to talk about healthcare. We want to talk about trade, so if we can try to drive the narrative a little bit more, we think that would be a valuable improvement.”

It’s pretty big talk. But according to White House insiders, he’s not the first chief of staff to have the same idea. And we all see how well that’s worked thus far.

“Easier said than done,” dozens of former administration officials have said. One official even admitted, “Whatever Trump tweets out that morning will be the headline, regardless of what the communications plan is. A lot of people take their frustrations out on the communications team, but Trump will always be the communications director.”

Another official agreed, saying that Trump often makes split-second policy decisions on his Twitter feed and then changes his mind days later. There’s simply no way for communications or his press department to keep up with him.

Mulvaney seems to be set on the idea of directing things back to Press Secretary Sarah Sanders. But after the Mueller report put the final nail in the coffin of her career, we all know that’s not likely.

Mulvaney can give it a good shot. But like all those that came before him, he doesn’t stand a chance between Trump and his precious Twitter.

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