Trump Unravels In Live Speech To Law Enforcement, No One Knows What He’s Talking About

Is Trump okay?!?!

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Donald Trump is falling apart and he is the only one who refuses to acknowledge that his role as President of the United States is not only one that he does not deserve, but one that he is physically and mentally incapable of performing to any acceptable degree.

We’ve been watching Trump fall apart and mentally decline for nearly two years now, and things have only gotten worse after the GOP lost big in the midterm elections, losing the House of Representatives to the Democrats. Trump is still bitter as hell over it and refuses to take any responsibility, even though several Republicans have acknowledged that the president was a big reason for their loss.

In response, Trump took a live speech he was making to law enforcement and came completely unglued — and everyone watching had a collective “WTF?!” moment. While speaking at the Project Safe Neighborhoods National Conference, Trump went off script and lost focus. In a completely unrelated rant, Trump started talking about “fake news” and the GOP midterm loss, and couldn’t stop saying the word “House,” signaling that the president’s language skills are becoming even more limited.


After talking about Senator-elect Josh Hawley, who defeated incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill, Trump went into a weird trance and said:

I keep listening to the fake news that ‘They won the House, House, House, House!’ Nobody ever talks about the Senate. We won the Senate easily. In fact, we picked up two. You never hear that. You only hear the House, House, House.”

Trump looks like he’s barely there, and it’s scary. You can watch this moment below:

Once again, Trump took a speech that was meant for others and made it all about himself, ditching his talking points and the things he’s supposed to be accomplishing.

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