Fox News Betrays Trump, Makes POTUS Look Like A Complete Moron For Attacking Rex Tillerson

Trump is gonna HATE this!

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Once can definitely tell how Donald Trump’s presidency has gone by following the transformation of Fox News’ coverage on the unhinged president over the last two years. While the network may have fawned over him and refused to fact check his lies and unpresidential behavior before, Fox News is clearly fed up of Trump now and it seems like the network kind of misses having a real leader to report about.

Fox News Shepard Smith has been one of the most outspoken reporters on the network when it comes to his real feelings toward Trump and has mocked the president several times in the past when his behavior was outrageous. What Trump did today would certainly fall into that category as the infantile POTUS reacted to something his former Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, said about him.

Earlier today, Tillerson’s remarks about Trump being “undisciplined” made headlines, prompting the president to strike back in a truly childish way. Trump tweeted that Tillerson was “dumb as a rock” and trashed his former Secretary of State, clearly not realizing that he was making himself look like an idiot in the process. Smith reacted to the “rhetorical war” that was “heating up between Rex Tillerson and the president” and said:


Remember last July, it was widely reported that Tillerson called the president a moron after a tense meeting with advisers. Later, Tillerson would not deny he said it, but he also said he wouldn’t resign. Later he was replaced and now President Trump is going after him. It happened just minutes ago. Our chief White House correspondent John Roberts has the details from the north lawn. Wow!”

When Robert got on screen, he reminded America that not only had Tillerson called Trump a “moron,” but the exact wording was an “f-ing moron.” The Fox reporters could barely hold back their laughter, or disappointment that they were talking about the president like he was a reality TV star in crisis.

All throughout this segment, Smith’s face and tone of voice could not have been more “over” Trump and speaks volumes for how Trump’s favorite network will one day be turning on him. You can watch the video below:

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