Trump Undermines The Law Again, Caught In Major Censorship Scandal Using Government Websites

Not so fast, Donnie boy.

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President Donald Trump clearly has a blatant disregard for the law, seemingly under the impression that it just doesn’t apply to him. He tends to just do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, legislation be damned. And honestly, for the most part, he seems to get away with it.

But every once in a while, a vigilante will come forward, call him on his bullshit, and hold him responsible for his own action. And that’s exactly what happened when Donald tried to sneakily scrub government websites of anything pertaining to the Affordable Care Act, in hopes that no one would ever notice.

The Sunlight Foundation is an open government group that diligently monitors government websites for things just like this — unannounced and underhanded changes that could mean a serious edit to current policies is in the works.


Wired reported on the Sunlight Foundation’s discovery and noted that tricks like this often happen without anyone being any the wiser, and they can have a serious impact on the healthcare of millions of Americans.

“Some of the changes were subtle,” Wired reported on the foundation’s revelation. “Others, including the disappearance of an 85-page website devoted to the ACA, were sweeping. Taken together, the researchers argue, the modifications are tantamount to government censorship and point to an increasing need for oversight of government websites.”

Web Integrity Project Director Sarah John stated, “People rely on government information, and there’s a presumption of objectivity that comes from the [government] address. If a website says one thing one day and a different thing the next day, what is a citizen to make of that?”

Of course, the Department of Health and Human Services refused to answer any questions pertaining to the website’s recent, drastic, unannounced changes. The entire administration is in hopes that the American public will carry on as usual, blissfully ignorant as they strip them of their healthcare.

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