New Report Reveals Trump Staffers Ignore His Outrageous Demands When He Goes Full Dictator On Them

In one ear and out the other.

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We can only imagine how trying it is to work in the Trump White House. Even the most staunch of supporters are bound to get annoyed with the way business is handled as well as the incessant and random fits that the president has been known to pitch. Of course, if you’re in the White House now, pretty much your only option is to stay, considering you’re damn sure not going to find a job anywhere else with that on your resume. But we still have to wonder how officials are able to deal with the manic fits of Donald Trump — throwing temper tantrums dozens of time a day and making huge decisions and declarations via Twitter on a whim.

Turns out, they just ignore him and hope he forgets.

Elaina Plott from the Atlantic outlined White House officials’ tendencies to just ignore Trump’s outlandish and spur of the moment demands, in hopes that he will become distracted by something else and just forget about it.


“Since assuming office, Trump has issued many private demands to aides that have either been slow-walked or altogether ignored,” Plott wrote. “But when the president dictates those spontaneous orders publicly, officials are suddenly accountable to a much broader audience — at least in theory — to make them a reality.”

A former White House aide told the Atlantic, speaking on the strategy aides often use to deal with Trump mid-tantrum, that “We felt like we could kind of sit quietly on those.”

The actions of Trump officials in the midst of a presidential outburst mirrors what was reported in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia report — which noted several instances of White Staff ignoring the president’s demands to break the law and obstruct the investigation.

It seems that in spite of Trump’s claim that “nobody disobeys my orders,” everybody does.

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